5 Ways to Make the Most of National Nutrition Month

17/03/2023 14:18:04


March is National Nutrition Month. In these actively focused four-and-a-half weeks, the importance of a balanced diet and exercise is celebrated in educating and promoting the powers of healthy choices.

Being the 50th anniversary of the annual campaign, this year’s theme is “Fuel for Future”. The theme highlights the significance a healthy lifestyle can have on our environment and our bodies. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests switching some meals to plant-based options, buying foods with minimal packaging and eating foods in various forms including fresh, frozen and canned to support the sustainable campaign!

Wellbeing at Allwag

Having an Investors in People Platinum accreditation, we not only invest in our team’s skills, but we invest in their wellbeing; it is a huge priority at Allwag with a focus on physical and mental health. We take a holistic approach to our team’s wellbeing, where we encourage everyone to eat well by supplying fresh fruit and filtered water, sit down and have coffee and chat breaks, take daily wellbeing-focused walks to get fresh air and speak with mentors trained in mental health support.

Additionally, we support our teams through our employee benefits scheme where GP, counselling and fitness services can be accessed through a mobile app! 

Make the Most of National Nutrition Month

Want to make the most of National Nutrition Month?  Here are 5 easy suggestions based on our own wellbeing activities at Allwag! 

1. Walk 10,000 steps a day

Did you know March is also Cancer Research’s Walk All Over Cancer Challenge month? Team Allwag is currently underway with this stepping challenge, with many exceeding the 10,000 steps a day challenge. This is a great initiative to complete the recommended 10,000 steps a day whilst fundraising for an amazing charity!

We encourage daily walks so our team members can get fresh air and exercise. Walking is a simple and free form of exercise that is one of the easiest ways to lose weight and stay active! 

2. Eat your 5 a day

We know, a basic healthy requirement but did you know how good it is for you to eat 5 fruit and/or vegetables a day? Eating fruit and vegetables regularly can help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and cancer whilst contributing towards a healthy, balanced diet! 

At Allwag, fruit is offered to our team weekly with the encouragement of replacing unhealthy snacks with tasty fruits like apples and bananas. Discover your favourite fruits and vegetables and start making the switch, it’ll be easier than you think! 

3. Buy food with less packaging

Almost all food items are packaged in some way and most packaging is designed to be unrecyclable and single-use! With 8 million pieces of plastic pollution finding their way to the ocean daily, small changes in purchasing habits can make a massive difference. 

Simple switches like taking your own reusable bags and containers to purchase loose foods, growing your own produce and eating at home more (takeout meals often come with a lot of packaging!) will contribute towards the fight against plastic pollution. 

4. Plan meals

We’ve all been there – you get home from work and cannot be bothered to cook so you order an often-unhealthy takeaway meal or you cook something quick and processed! There’s nothing wrong with that as we are all allowed a treat from time to time, but if this happens regularly it can become costly and negatively impact your health.

Meal planning is a perfect way to get out of bad habits. Planning meals means the correct amount of ingredients are bought so there’s less wastage and less packaging, fresh meals can be cooked and stored ahead of time and unhealthy temptations can be kept at bay!

5. Drink more water!

We did say these lifestyle switch suggestions were simple and drinking more water couldn’t be easier! Water is so important to our body as it provides us with many benefits including temperature regulation and transportation of nutrients. 

The average person is meant to drink around 3.2 litres of water a day but a study reported that 13% of women and 20% of men in the UK don’t drink enough! 

Drinking more water can be easy – substitute your favourite flavoured drinks with water or a water-based drink. Water can also come from food; foods like cucumbers, watermelon and lettuce have high water content, so why not add them to more of your meals?

Health Branded Merchandise

Alongside making simple changes, certain products can help them be even easier! Here are our top promotional merchandise products that’ll make those healthy changes a little easier:

Branded Rice Scoops

Do you often end up cooking too much rice? Like many loose-grain ingredients, rice is hard to measure by eye! 

Used as a healthier source of carbohydrates, rice is a popular side dish. Our branded rice scoop measures 100 grams of uncooked rice which is perfect for portioning! 

branded rice scoop

Branded Fitbits

A tech favourite, the Fitbit is used to track heart rate, calories and steps! The perfect accessory to monitor health, the Fitbit is a great tool to track steps for step challenges or calories burnt from exercises. 

Cobrand with your logo and gift to your employees to encourage them to get stepping!

branded promotional fitbit

Branded Glass Hydration Bottle

Reminding yourself to drink more is the hardest part of drinking water, our Ukiyo Glass Hydration Bottle overcomes this issue! The lid displays a bigger water drop each time the bottle is refilled and the collar is twisted, so the number of bottle refills can be easily counted. 

With the stylish silicone sleeve and glass bottle, this hydration bottle will be an office must-have! 

branded glass bottle

Branded Cotton Fruit and Veg Bag

A common barrier to buying lesser packaging is that everything is packaged in mass amounts of plastic meaning it often seems an almost impossible challenge. Many stores are now offering loose produce and ingredients so containers from home can be used time and time again to store different items.

We offer many different brandable containers that can store cupboard essentials. Our fairtrade fruit and veg bag has proven to be a favourite over the last few years with loose products becoming readily available across supermarkets in the UK. 


If you’re looking for a collection of health-focused merchandise, contact us today and our knowledgeable team will collate the perfect range of products for your brand!