The 2024 Promotional Merchandise and Clothing Award Winners

16/01/2024 15:28:22

Annually, the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) announces its Product Award winners, and in December, they celebrated the best products for the 2023–2024 season. All entrants were judged based on their price, product quality, and more importantly, their sustainable credentials. 

The categories were: 
•   Apparel Product of the Year
•   Award & Gifting Product of the Year
•   Bag & Folder Product of the Year
•   Drinkware Product of the Year 
•   Food & Drink Product of the Year
•   Health & Travel Product of the Year
•   Innovative Product of the Year
•   Stationery Product of the Year
•   Technology Product of the Year
•  UK-Made Product of the Year 
•   Writing Instrument of the Year
•   Work & Play Product of the Year

In this blog, we've selected a handful of our favourite winners from each category! Take a read and let us know which one is your favourite.

Apparel Product of the Year

Branded clothing serves as a crucial tool for your 2024 promotions. In response to the growing influence of sustainable initiatives for our planet, sustainability played a pivotal role in determining the winners of this year's Apparel of the Year category.

Featured below are two standout selections from this category: the Branded Kai Recycled Jacket, crafted from GRS-certified materials and earning high scores in our own Elements grading programme, and the Abisko Recycled Branded Hoodie, also manufactured using recycled materials. 


Award and Gifting Product of the Year 

We absolutely love the range of real wood trophies, a sustainable yet modern way of celebrating successes. The wooden look of these awards will be attractive and modern when displayed in homes and offices. 

Our second choice from this category is a very innovative gift - the 3-in-1 charger, which is another modern and innovative way to introduce your brand into people’s offices and homes. With many still working in a hybrid or remote situations, this charging stand is perfect for group video calls on larger devices like iPads.

Bag & Folder Product of the Year

Branded bags are a popular product in the promotional merchandise industry, and a firm favourite among many of our clients - perfect for use in onboarding packs and for your exhibitions. The two mentioned winners in this category are both sustainably stylish and very practical.

The first is the Dillon Foldable Backpack, a part of our AWARE™ range, made from 100% recycled materials. Not only is this sustainable, but also lightweight with a clever roll-up design. This branded backpack can easily fit into its built-in pouch, making it an ideal space-saving solution for your travels.

Secondly, the Anti-Theft Backpack, with its hidden anti-theft opening, is made from recycled PET and is carbon neutral, offering another handy yet sustainable solution.

Drinkware Product of the Year

Branded drinkware is another popular choice for our clients, and there is a constant flow of cool, eco-friendly options to match their needs. When it comes to the Drinkware Product of the Year, the focus is on being green, practical, and reusable, cutting down on single-use plastic in landfills.

The high-quality Akaw Bottle is a stylish choice, made from insulated stainless steel, making it perfect for hot and cold drinks. Steel is a very sustainable material as it is 100% recyclable. Another sustainable winner in this category is the Soda Bottle, made from RCS-certified re-steel. The unique design even allows you to use it for carbonated drinks, and it is guaranteed leakproof.

Exhibition Product of the Year

With many different businesses attending exhibitions and trade shows this year, it is important to stand out, and a good starting point is with your branded merchandise and exhibition giveways. 

The innovative, natural Bee-shaped Seed Bombs were the gold winner for this category. They're the perfect promotional item for businesses looking to champion environmental sustainability and will create a natural wildflower haven for local bees and butterflies.

Taking the Silver award, the SeedCell is an exciting and eco-friendly promotional gift. Simply remove the SeedCell pod from the inside and place it into a pot of soil and watch your marketing promotion flourish into the chosen herb or plant.

Food & Drink Product of the Year

Promotional merchandise is all about creating lasting memories, and engaging people’s senses is a powerful way to achieve this. We offer a range of edible branded merchandise, and the winners in this category showcase unique yet delicious examples of promotional products.

Securing the Platinum award, the Bespoke UK Manufactured Treat Box stands out as an excellent gift for making a lasting impression! Customise it with your favourite treats and brand them with your logo for a personalised touch.

Also winning the Platinum recognition, the Tube Gift Box is an ideal gift for both clients and employees. This selection of wines and chocolate truffles makes for a memorable and highly appreciated present, adding a touch of sophistication to your gift-giving.

Health & Travel Product of the Year

Wellbeing is at the heart of social sustainability, and this category highlights the products that focus on this aspect. Not only are they beneficial for wellbeing, but they are also practical for travel due to their usefulness and size.

Winning Platinum, the Tricpower Handwarmer and Power Bank is a versatile product ideal for travelling to colder destinations or for use on the go on a cold winter’s day. With the ability to charge your phone while warming your hands, this 2-in-1 product is a must-have for your winter 2024 marketing campaigns!

Securing the 2nd place and winning gold, our 4-piece Mood Balm Collection is a wellbeing essential. Each lip balm is formulated with a mix of essential oils and natural ingredients, they will help boost your spirits at the start of the day or aid relaxation at the end of a stressful workday.

Innovative Product of the Year

The Innovative Product of the Year category puts a spotlight on cutting-edge products that truly stand out through innovation in their respective fields. The following two products are not only practical but also revolutionary!

First in line is the gold-winning Reborn Recycled Aluminium Pen. True to its name, this pen is crafted from recycled aluminium, complemented by renewable bamboo and RPET. Beyond being just a writing tool, it represents a commitment to modern, responsible solutions in the promotional world.

Next up is the HidrateSpark®—a smart water bottle that takes innovation to a new level. This remarkable product not only keeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours but also monitors your water intake via Bluetooth on the HidrateSpark™ application.

Stationery Product of the Year

One of the broadest categories among the awards, stationery covers a wide range of promotional merchandise products!

The Student Wellness Planner stood out for its focus on social and environmental sustainability. Developed with Karin Blak, author of 'The Essential Companion to Talking Therapy,' this planner is designed to promote physical and mental wellbeing among students. Made from 100% recycled post-consumer materials, producing a vegan-friendly product, this is truly a sustainable promotional option.

Technology Product of the Year

A modern yet fundamental category, the Technology Product of the Year focuses on the electronic, tech-branded products in our industry.

Our featured winner is the Concertina Phone Stand, the perfect mobile accessory. This brilliant piece of engineering works much like the famous Slinky toys, with a flexible structure allowing you to stretch the Concertina wide enough to comfortably fit a large tablet.

UK-Made Product of the Year 

Our UK-made branded products are environmentally friendly, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint, and the products that received BPMA awards excel in this aspect.

One noteworthy 2-in-1 product within our UK Made range, and an award winner, is the rHIPS.b Ice Pop Trolley Keyring. This versatile item not only efficiently scrapes ice off cars but also serves as a practical tool for shopping carts at supermarkets. Crafted from rHips b, an extremely sustainable material, it exemplifies our commitment to environmentally friendly alternatives.

Our H2O Active Eco Vibe bottle also promotes sustainability on multiple fronts. Manufactured in the UK, it is constructed from Prevented Ocean Plastic, further contributing to our dedication to eco-conscious practices.

Writing Instrument of the Year

As you can imagine, in the promotional merchandise industry, we have a lot of branded pens, making the ones in this category true showstoppers! Firstly, the Evoxx Duo clinches the platinum award for being crafted from 95% recycled ABS plastic. The gold-winning Oriel Ball pen is made from 60% wheat straw, solidifying both products as exemplars of sustainable branded pens.

As our industry expands and products evolve, 2024 is set to be a fantastic year for new branded promotional merchandise and clothing, so keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come. 

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Allwag Announces B Corp Certification!

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