Top Must-Have Promotional Merchandise Products of 2024

07/02/2024 14:40:51

The new year brings with it new products, and Team Allwag visited our industry exhibition last month (Merchandise World) to explore the innovative and sustainable offerings from our suppliers.

A common theme running throughout the exhibition was sustainability, and we witnessed a surge in eco-friendly alternatives. You may be aware that we are B Corp Certified here at Allwag which means that we are committed to promoting and raising awareness of the importance of sustainability through the branded merchandise and clothing we provide to our clients. Therefore, when seeking new products, this commitment is always at the forefront of our minds.

From merchandise made from fully recycled materials to trending branded items such as reusable tumbler cups, there was a lot on display at Merchandise World. It was a tough ask, but we whittled it down to Team Allwag’s top picks:

Branded Drinkware

One of our favourite and most popular branded merchandise categories for 2024 is drinkware. Cups, mugs, tumblers, and bottles have taken centre stage in many of our clients' marketing campaigns. There are thousands to choose from so we have personally selected a collection of new, sustainable options for you.

Branded recycled plastic tumbler

Tana Cup

A popular style gaining attention across social media, this popular tumbler has a 900 ml capacity, allowing it to hold nearly a litre of your favourite beverage, making it an ideal choice for those on the move.

Made from RCS recycled plastic, this tumbler not only aligns with the latest fashion trends but also champions sustainability. Whether you're at work, hitting the gym, or travelling on a journey, this tumbler is the perfect solution.

Loop Bottle

The Loop bottle is made in the UK from recycled plastic milk bottles. Plastic milk bottles are sorted, cleaned, shredded, and melted down into the pellets which are used to manufacture these unique water bottles.

The Loop bottle significantly contributes to waste reduction in landfills by closing the loop on the materials the bottle is made from and gives you a fantastic marketing message for your campaigns.

Branded recycled plastic sport bottle

Branded Stationery

A promotional merchandise essential, branded stationery is an excellent choice for many different purposes, including onboarding boxes to welcome your new staff, notebooks for your conferences and live events, freshers packs for universities and so much more. 

Branded recycled aluminium and bamboo pen

Reborn Pen

A Gold BPMA Product of the Year winner for the industry, the Reborn recycled aluminium pen has a sleek design to add a touch of style and sustainability to any marketing campaign.

When choosing the Reborn pen, you're not just selecting stationery, you're making a statement about your brand's dedication to a greener, more sustainable future.

Ortisei Appeel Notebook

Notebooks made from apple peel – that was new to Team Allwag, and grabbed our attention when we were at the exhibition. These branded notebooks are made from the parts of the apple that are often overlooked, resulting in an innovative fusion of technology and imagination.

The revolutionary Appeel Notebook is an excellent choice to showcase your brand's commitment to sustainability with a truly memorable story.

Branded Recycled Notebook Made from Apples

Branded Sweets and Food

Not only a tasty treat but also a great way to raise awareness of your brand, edible branded merchandise is an engaging way to leave a flavourful imprint of your brand in the minds of your audience. With spring around the corner, we have chosen a few of our favourite Easter treats for you.

Creme n' Crunch Eggs

These little eggs are all they’re cracked up to be and more!

They pop, crackle and melt into chocolaty yumminess. With a milk chocolate exterior and delicious puffed rice and white chocolate filling, they’re something to get egg-cited about.

Branded Creme Eggs

An Easter classic, is there anything more iconic than a Cadbury's Crème Egg? For almost 60 years, this thick chocolate, fondant-filled classic has been enjoyed in the spirit of Easter for decades! Spread that nostalgic joy and gift your clients and employees with a branded Crème Egg.

Branded Exhibition Giveaways

Perfect for creating engagement at exhibitions, giveaways are no longer just throwaway gifts; they are meaningful and create an impact on the planet and your brand. We have selected our favourite sustainable giveaways from Merchandise World that will boost your brand alongside your environmental footprint. 

branded seed bee bombs for promotion

Bee-Shaped Seed Bombs

Encourage your brand to blossom! These bee-shaped seed bombs make a standout addition to any exhibition stand, serving as a unique giveaway that sparks conversations with prospective clients and attendees. Produced in the UK, these clay-pressed bee bombs promise to cultivate a vibrant meadow of flowers once planted, leaving a lasting impression of your brand in your clients' minds every time a flower grows.

Standard Growing Kit

A meaningful giveaway creates a lasting impression, and this gift achieves just that by allowing your clients and customers to grow their own plants. Presented in a stylish, brandable terracotta pot, it comes with a variety of seeds, including strawberries, poppies, and lavender. Brand this botanical giveaway and witness your brand flourish wherever it is presented. 

Branded Clothing

Branded clothing is a great way to promote your company effectively and efficiently. At this year’s Merchandise World, we noticed a trend in sustainable materials made from recycled fibres. Branded apparel is no longer just a means to promote your brand, it's a way to showcase your commitment to sustainability and make a positive impact at the same time.

Branded recycled zipped hoodie

Recycled Cotton Zip Through Hoodie

Branded apparel is no longer just a means to promote your brand; it's a way to showcase your commitment to sustainability and make a positive impact! Featured in our recent blog highlighting award-winning promotional merchandise and clothing, this branded hoodie stands out as an excellent sustainable option for promoting your brand! Crafted with an AWARE™ tracer and using recycled cotton, it proudly showcases transparent sustainability practices. They come complete with a QR code to access a dedicated digital passport for the product, providing detailed information about its journey. Additionally, 2% of the proceeds from each product sold are donated to, further contributing to meaningful causes.

Recycled Polyester Pile Fleece Jacket

Another fashionable yet sustainable discovery in the branded clothing category from this year’s Merchandise World is this stylish fleece jacket made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester. This 'must-have' style has been featured in various fashion retailers, and now it’s available for you to customise and promote your brand!

Recycled branded fleece



Over the next year, we will be promoting a wide selection of sustainable merchandise and clothing, with a significant focus on our Elements-graded items. These items have been assessed based on various sustainability criteria. We will be fully launching this programme soon, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

We can’t wait to help you and your team with your sustainable marketing campaigns for 2024. Contact our expert team today and let us put together the perfect selection of branded merchandise and clothing for your campaign.

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