Everything You Need to Know about the Coronation

27/03/2023 17:23:30

King Charles III’s Coronation is just around the corner and like many, we are very excited. The bunting, the tea parties and everyone coming together to celebrate a coronation is a new excitement for many of us.

To get you and your organisation in the mood for these regal festivities, here is EVERYTHING you need to know about the King’s Coronation. 

What is a Coronation?

A coronation is a traditional symbolic and religious ceremony during which a sovereign is crowned. This is the physical act of placing a crown on a monarch’s head. It officially formalises the role of the sovereign as monarch, and head of the Church of England and marks the transfer of their powers. Although Charles III became the King the moment Queen Elizabeth II passed away, this ceremony will officiate his title.

When is the Coronation?

King Charles III’s Coronation is on Saturday 6th May 2023, with a Bank Holiday to follow on Monday 8th May 2023. On this significant occasion, Charles III will be crowned the King of Great Britain alongside Camilla, Queen Consort, at Westminster Abbey.

Coronation Traditions

For over 1000 years, the ritual of a Coronation ceremony has remained the same, with the British ceremony being the only remaining event of its type in Europe. Although predicted to be traditional, it is likely that King Charles’ Coronation will be shorter than past ceremonies with a range of religions represented.

How Can You Watch the Coronation?

As stated above, the Coronation is taking place at Westminster Abbey with the King being crowned alongside the Queen Consort by the Archbishop of Canterbury, with millions of well-wishers flocking to Central London to witness this historic event. Whereas like us, most of the world will be watching from the comfort of their own home! Like Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation in 1952, it is likely that the King’s will be shown by major UK broadcasters – the BBC, ITV and Sky. Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation made televisions become a mainstream medium as many households bought them just to watch the event!

Celebrate the Coronation

We have a complete collection of branded Coronation gifts that will encourage your clients and colleagues to come together and celebrate our new King!

Afternoon Tea

A fun and very British way to celebrate the King’s Coronation is to have a Tea Party! We have a range of different branded gifts that are perfect for raising a cup of tea to our new King.

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Fly the Flag for the King

Show your patriotic spirit for our new King and fly a Union Jack or bespoke Coronation flag! 

Available in a range of hand flags and bunting, our Coronation designs will be perfect for decorating streets, houses and gardens for parties.

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Being such a historic event and a first for many, the Coronation is extremely special, meaning royal memorabilia is an essential keepsake!

We have a range of different branded items that you’ll keep for years to come and can use to commemorate this memorable event. 

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Looking for something a bit different, check out our full Coronation range or contact one of our knowledgeable team members today to create a bespoke range for your brand.


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