Our 2023 Pride Merchandise Guide!

11/05/2023 10:44:20


It’s that time of year again – Pride Month is just around the corner! This historic and impactful awareness month celebrates LGBTQ+ pride, inclusivity, and diversity.

When is Pride Month celebrated?

Every June, Pride Month is celebrated to support and educate on LGBTQ+ history, rights and diversity.

Although June is dedicated to this inclusive month, celebrations are carried out throughout the summer and autumnal months globally, with parades and festivals acknowledging those in the LGBTQ+ community. 

June is the month dedicated to Pride as a tribute to the Stonewall Riots, a historic LGBTQ+ event that changed the shape of LGBTQ+ rights forever. 

How Do We Celebrate Pride Today?

Pride isn’t a new thing, Pride among the LGBTQ+ community has always been there from the discriminative hardships the community has faced to recent laws that remind us that these oppressive opinions are still here in our somewhat modern-day society, pride is here to celebrate, as well as educate on inclusivity and diversity among the LGBTQ+ community. 

The most popular way to celebrate pride is to go to your local city or town’s parade or festival. These large events are full of joy with an inclusive atmosphere for everyone who attends.

It is important to note that there is no one correct way to observe Pride. Whether it's through small get-togethers, parties, dances, or even protests, the essence of Pride lies in acceptance. Therefore, do what brings you joy and makes you happy!

How to Celebrate Pride at Work

There are many ways to celebrate Pride throughout June and doing it with colleagues and clients is a great place to start. Our diversity and inclusion blog explores how to implement inclusive activities into your employee’s daily work routines. Another impactful and fun way to show LGBTQ+ pride is to use branded merchandise!

Pride Promotional Merchandise

  1. A5 Rainbow Mole Notebook
  2. A favourite promotional merchandise item is a branded notebook. Our rainbow mole is great to show Pride all year long, as it has 80 lined pages! Gift it to employees during Pride to start the celebration or to show your organisation’s values. 

    Rainbow  Pride branded mole notebook

  3. Rainbow Cotton Shopper
  4. Perfect for carrying items around at a Pride event or to use all year round to show your pride, our branded rainbow shopper bag is a practical item that will be used time and time again.

    Featuring red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple stripes with long cotton webbed handles and a large branding area with full-colour print options to make this your most colourful promotion yet.

    branded rainbow pride tote shopper bag

  5. Rainbow Umbrella
  6. Don’t get caught in the rain at pride events. Open up your branded Pride umbrella to bring a rainbow to the rain.

    Available to be branded with your brand’s logo or emblem, our rainbow umbrella will not only show your organisation’s stance on inclusivity but it will promote your brand. 

    branded rainbow Pride umbrella

  7. Rainbow Wooden Hand Fan
  8. Although we love our rainbow umbrellas, we hope the sun comes out! Being outside all day can be hot so make sure that your event attendees don’t get too hot – give them a rainbow fan to make sure they stay cool and show their Pride!

    Branded rainbow Pride hand wooden fan

  9. Pride Skittles Sweet Box
  10. What sweets are more colourful than Skittles? As their famous tagline says, taste the rainbow! 

    With a rainbow in and on the outside of the box, our Pride sweet box is a superb choice for delighting customers, colleagues and event attendees! 

    branded rainbow pride sweet skittles

  11. Branded Rainbow Pride Sunglasses
  12. What better way to show your pride than wear it to a Pride event? Our branded rainbow sunglasses will keep the UV rays out of your eyes and radiate colour.

    Brand it with your logo and see it promoted around where ever the Pride event is taking place! 

    branded rainbow Pride sunglasses

  13. Rainbow Face Paint
  14. Everybody loves face paint, especially when it’s rainbow! Our rainbow face paint is a great Pride gift to give employees or clients as they can choose how they wear their rainbow.

    With a brandable space for a specific Pride emblem or logo, this is a great alternative to traditional merchandise products!

    Branded Pride rainbow facepaint

  15. Rainbow Pride Socks
  16. Another way to add colour is to wear it on your feet! Rainbow socks are another great but simple way to show Pride!

    By incorporating rainbow socks into your attire, you can effortlessly manifest a captivating style that radiates acceptance, inclusivity, and celebration of diversity.

  17. Rainbow Pride Laces
  18. Add a pop of colour to any outfit with our rainbow laces. Pride can be shown anywhere even on trainers!

    A small token to show Pride in your organisation, our rainbow laces can be worn in many different ways!

    Branded rainbow Pride shoelaces

  19. Rainbow Pride Lanyard 
  20. A traditional and popular product that is seen around Pride yearly is the rainbow lanyard. A simple but effective way to show your organisation’s inclusive ethos.

    Those who are a part of the LGBTQ+ community can choose to wear a rainbow lanyard to show their Pride! 

    Branded Rainbow Pride Lanyard

There are many different ways to celebrate Pride and using promotional merchandise is just the start of it! If you’re needing more inspiration, please contact our Pride Positive team who can help you curate the perfect merchandise range ready to celebrate this summer! 

Throughout the Pride season, we will be posting ideas on how to celebrate on our social media channels

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