Why Your Business Should Take the Leap to Sustainable Merchandise

28/02/2024 12:47:21

To make the most of this year being  a leap year, we are exploring why your Marketing Team should take a ‘leap’ into sustainability in 2024!

In 2017, it was revealed that businesses are responsible for 70% of the world’s greenhouse gases so there is an ever-increasing importance when it comes to sustainability in business.

It presents a powerful opportunity for businesses to drive sustainability initiatives forward, and marketing is a great place to start. 

It does however need to go beyond just simply offering  eco-friendly products; it involves creating a cohesive strategy that implements sustainable practices in all areas of marketing, from internal communications to product development.

Understanding Sustainable Marketing

Sustainable marketing prioritises promoting products, services, and brands while thinking about the environment. Your marketing strategy needs to consider everything from where things come from to how they're made and used, and even down to the channels you use to doing your marketing.

When you make sustainability part of your marketing plan, you're setting an example. Plus, customers care about sustainability – a recent survey found that 60% would pay extra for eco-friendly packaging, and 78% think living sustainably is important. 

How to Implement Sustainability into Your Marketing Plan

We have 5 easy, but meaningful ways that will not only impact the planet but will give your brand a platform to shine!

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1. Sustainable Merchandise and Clothing

Sustainable branded merchandise and clothing is a straightforward yet impactful approach to combat many sustainable issues including carbon and waste pollution. Many options are made from recyclable, organic, or biodegradable materials, meaning they don't contribute to landfill waste. Additionally, a significant number of products are sourced and manufactured locally in the UK, reducing carbon emissions associated with transportation from other countries. 

2. Educate Consumers

By providing education when it comes to sustainability, you’ll not only position yourself as a thought-leader and build trust with your customers, you will also inspire them with information to make informed sustainable choices, creating a community committed to positive change.

There are numerous ways to optimise all marketing channels for sustainable learning. For example, you could consider hosting webinars to engage your clients in educational conversations or creating infographics that can be easily shared via email or displayed on a webpage.

3. Transparency and Authenticity 

Being truly sustainable entails authenticity and transparency. Sustainability revolves around building trust with customers. If there's an aspect where sustainability falls short, communicate openly with your customers, and demonstrate your plans for implementing change. This openness builds trust and demonstrates a genuine commitment to sustainable practices.


4. Offset Green Incentives 

Implementing incentives as part of your marketing campaign not only promotes environmentally responsible behaviours but also cultivates a sense of loyalty among customers who value sustainability. For instance, bring-back schemes or rewards for reusing bottles and bags can effectively promote eco-conscious habits while encouraging a stronger connection between your brand and your environmentally conscious clients. 



5. Offer Carbon Emissions 

By taking action to offset your carbon footprint, your business not only contributes to global efforts to combat climate change but also sends a powerful message to your audience.

Many organisations, such as Climate Wise and Ecologi, specialise in helping companies offset their carbon emissions through community projects and tree-planting initiatives. By supporting these initiatives, you demonstrate to your customers and employees that your company is committed to environmental stewardship through tangible actions.


Here at Allwag, we partner with Climate Wise and Ecologi and proudly showcase the projects we support on platforms like LinkedIn. Not only does this highlight our environmental impact on our customers, but it also allows us to share inspiring stories of positive change happening around the world.

Prioritising transparency, authenticity, and consumer education, alongside offering green incentives and offsetting carbon emissions, enables your business to not only reduce its environmental impact but also strengthen your brand reputation and enhance customer loyalty. Embracing sustainability in your marketing campaign planning isn't just about meeting consumer demands, it's about making a meaningful contribution to positive change while paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.

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