New and Trending: Sustainable Merchandise and Clothing

20/03/2024 15:38:33

Spring has officially sprung here at Allwag and we are excited to showcase our latest top picks for sustainable branded merchandise and clothing. Our range is constantly evolving and growing, with sustainability in mind. By incorporating these sustainable options into your marketing campaigns, you can make a positive difference to the planet.

Branded Stationery

Stationery items are versatile gifts, and a token of appreciation for both your customers and employees. By investing in sustainable branded stationery such as memo pads made from recycled materials and pens crafted from sustainable resources, your business not only enhances its brand recognition but also promoted a culture of environmental responsibility.  

Recycool Ball Pen

An attractive sustainable push action pen made from 100% Social Plastic. With the Recycool pen, for every two pens purchased an entire plastic bottle is prevented from entering the ocean. Produced in Europe, the pen has a reduced carbon footprint and is the perfect promotional product for boosting your eco-credentials as well as being the perfect trade show giveaway.


Grass Seed Paper Memo Set

This grass seed memo sticky note set includes 25 grass paper sheets and 3 colour page markers. Once you have filled every page, simply plant in soil and watch as a selection of wildflower meadow seeds sprout and bloom.


Branded Clothing

In recent times, we have seen an increase in the demand for branded clothing which is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Consumers are now more informed and environmentally conscious than ever before, driving this demand for sustainable branded clothing for their staff uniforms, event staff and marketing campaigns.

Recycled Softshell Jacket

Introducing our Recycled Softshell Jacket, crafted with care and sustainability in mind. Made entirely from 100% recycled polyester fabric, it is testament to our commitment to reducing the impact on the environment. Designed to withstand the elements, this jacket features a durable water repellent finish and is wind resistant.



Recycled Cotton T-Shirt

Our recycled unisex classic fit t-shirt is the perfect mix of sustainability and style. Made from 100% cotton, with 50% recycled and 50% organic content. We have eliminated the dyeing process by blending recycled cotton with virgin organic cotton in its natural colour. This t-shirt meets rigorous standards for environmental and human safety.

Branded Tech

By incorporating sustainable branded tech into your promotional campaigns, you will not only demonstrate your commitment to sustainability but also engage with eco-conscious clients and staff who will value their ethical practices. 

Recycled Plastic Wireless Charging Pad

Our sustainable branded wireless charging pad seamlessly integrates into any desk setup, making it an ideal addition for your customers or staff. Made from recycled ABS plastic, simply connect the pad to your computer of laptop and place your device on top to begin charging wirelessly. 


Recycled Plastic Bluetooth Headphones

These eco-conscious wireless headphones are made from recycled plastic and boast a built-in microphone for phone calls on the go, while their over-ear design ensures a rich and immersive sound quality. Each pair of headphones is thoughtfully packaged in a gift box with an instruction manual, both made from sustainable materials.

Branded Drinkware

From cups to mugs, tumblers to bottles, branded drinkware has now become a powerful and stylish took for brand visibility, as well as sustainability. Branded drinkware also effortlessly integrates into your customers' daily routines and leaves a lasting impression wherever they are used.

Impact RPET Water Bottle

Eliminate the use of plastic bottles with this recycled plastic leak proof water bottle. The bottle has a fresh design and a transparent body, as well as a trap for easy carrying. 2% of proceeds of each sold product of the IMPACT Collection will be donated to


Pocket Insulated Mini Bottle

A sleek, on trend and durable 270ml bottle crafted from food-grade stainless steel. It features double-wall insulation, keeping your hot drinks hot for 6 hours, and cold drinks cold for 12 hours. Its compact design is enhanced with a silicone carry loop, adding both style and convenience for on-the-go hydration.


Branded Giveaways

Gone are the days where branded giveaways are just pushed to the side and forgotten about, or seen as bad for the environment. Today they are a powerful tool for creating a positive impact on the planet as well as promoting your brand effectively.

Wooden Insect Hotel

This quirky wooden branded insect hotel will house solitary bees and lacewings. It is the perfect solution for longer-term brand awareness for your giveaways. By having this insect hotel as part of your marketing campaign you will be helping the planet in so many ways.


Eco Skittles Sweets Pot

This mini plastic -free eco pot is filled with skittles and can be branded with a full colour paper wrap. These pots are made from plant-based materials rather than traditional plastic. Once the sweets have been consumed, the pots can be disposed of in commercial food waste recycling to compost.

Branded Bags & Backpacks

Our sustainable branded bags and backpacks are not just accessories, they are a statement of your commitment to sustainability as well as combining style and substance. 

Impact AWARE Recycled Cotton Laptop Bag

This recycled cotton laptop bag is a stylish solution for 15.4 inch laptops. Crafted from recycled cotton twill, it effortlessly blends fashion and environmental consciousness. Featuring a padded laptop pocket with Velcro closure and handy front pockets. The bag's sturdy recycled canvas handles and adjustable strap offer both style and comfort. 


Impact AWARE RPET Lightweight Foldable Backpack

With its clever roll-up design, this sustainable backpack can easily fit into its built-in pouch, making it an ideal space saving solution for your customers and staff whilst on their travels or daily commute.  This bag is made with 100% recycled polyester embedded with the AWARE tracer.

Branded Gift & Onboarding Boxes

Branded gift boxes and onboarding boxes aren't just about saying thank you, or welcome to new staff and clients, they are about making a statement about sustainability and a unique way to showcase your brand in a sustainable way, ensuring your gift aligns with your corporate and sustainable values. 

Afternoon Tea Gift Box

Introducing our spring and summer must have! This sophisticated branded Afternoon Tea Gift Box is packed with all the essentials needed for a delightful tea-time experience for your customers or staff. Crafted with sustainability in mind, this UK Made gift box is made from sustainably sourced packaging, reflecting your commitment to environmental responsibility. 


Onboarding Gift Set

Designed with your staff and clients in mind, this onboarding gift box is a perfect blend of style and sustainability. Presented in a beautiful gift box, our 'Mood Gift Set' includes a powder coated bottle, a notebook and a pen, all of which can be colour matched to suit your brand requirements. 

Our range of sustainable promotional branded merchandise and clothing offers versatile options to suit various marketing campaigns, budgets and needs, all whilst making a positive impact on the planet. Discover these and more sustainable options in our ever-expanding range, and join us in making a positive difference this season.

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